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5 Great Comprehension Strategies for Kids

Date: December 19, 2013 Author: aspirecharter Categories: Blog

Are you a parent or teacher noticing there is a need for improvement in your child or student’s reading comprehension skills? With the right introduction, instruction, and supervision, you can be assured that your child or students could learn easier and faster. Our five recommended comprehension strategies for kids are as follows: 1)   Divide…

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Tips for Keeping your Child Sharp Over the Winter Break

Date: December 12, 2013 Author: aspirecharter Categories: Blog

Winter break is just days away and both students and teachers will get to enjoy a break from the classroom, assignments and homework. However, this doesn’t mean they should stop learning. Here’s some of our favorite tips on how to keep your child’s reading and writing skills sharp. Inquire with your child’s teacher about worksheets…

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Top Worst Foods for Kids

Date: December 6, 2013 Author: aspirecharter Categories: Blog

A lot of parents are now busy with work and several household tasks that they often forget to plan out the best snack and packed lunch their children will bring at school. Are you one of those parents who will just throw anything they can find in the kitchen? Or, those who prefer to buy…

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