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Children and nursery teacher reading book together in kindergarten

The importance of reading in the classroom

Date: April 21, 2019 Author: Bruce Jordan Categories: Blog

Children of preschool age are at very sensitive stages in their development, undergoing what’s often described as “tremendous” cognitive changes. At this time, these three to five-year-olds are learning representational thought, the ability to comprehend that sometimes pictures (symbols) can stand for objects, people, and events, or have completely unique meanings all their own. This…

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Ecstatic friends with raised arms looking at camera

Reasons to Choose a Charter School

Date: April 8, 2019 Author: Bruce Jordan Categories: Blog

In Central Florida, parents have many educational choices to consider for their child’s development. Trying to sort out options can be difficult, but here are some tips to help you decide on the right fit for your child.   Charter Schools Receive High Ratings According to the State of Florida Department of Education, “Charter schools…

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Summer is Coming!

Date: April 3, 2018 Author: AspireCharter Categories: Blog

Summer Preparation “April showers bring May flowers”— this is nature’s version of thinking ahead. And the lesson is very applicable. But when it comes to school, April is just about the time when the year begins to wind down and everyone is anxiously waiting for summer. But just like nature, this is the perfect time…

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