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Get Your Kids Moving!

Date: February 4, 2015 Author: aspirecharter Categories: Blog

One of the worst habits your child can get into after school may not be as scary as some others, but becoming a couch potato is a guaranteed way to ensure you are lazy for life. While a bit of TV and relaxation every once in a while isn’t going to hurt them, kids who…

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10 Kids Superfoods

Date: January 23, 2015 Author: aspirecharter Categories: Blog

Blueberries – Packed with antioxidants, blueberries are a sweet and healthy snack that’s always fun to munch on. Yogurt – Every elementary school kid loves a good smoothie, and using yogurt rather than other milks and sugars is a good way for them to get a healthy dose of zinc, phosphorous, and proteins. Natural Nut…

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Common Sleeping Problems and How to Fix Them

Date: January 11, 2015 Author: aspirecharter Categories: Blog

We spend a substantial portion of our lives sleeping, and during our childhood, we need more sound sleep than we do as adults. But with all the caffeine-intense foods and distracting technologies kids have at their disposal throughout the day, it’s no wonder some kids have trouble sleeping. Anxiety: While they may not be stressing…

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