• 5 On-The-Go Breakfast Ideas

  • Mornings are usually a struggle even without worrying about what you are going to feed your kids for breakfast. Between getting everyone’s teeth brushed and backpacks together, there’s not much time to have a wholesome breakfast at the dining room table. But there are still plenty of wholesome meals breakfasts to bring on-the-go.

    1. Yogurts and Yummies – A cup of yogurt is perfect for on-the-go, and all you need is a spoon to get on the road. Top that yummy, low-fat yogurt off with a bit of fruit and nuts and you’ll have the wholesome breakfast on your hands.

    2. Pop-Toast – This is a healthier take on the sugary pastry treats lots of kids have come to love. As an alternative, butter some whole wheat bread, spread a thin layer of your child’s favorite, cut the crusts off, and pop it in the toaster!

    3. Frozen Smoothie – It’s easy to spin up a smoothie! Just throw together a bit of juice or milk and any number of delicious fresh fruits. Freeze the blended smoothie for the next day, or freeze the fruits before blending. However you do it, fruit smoothies are a great on-the-go breakfast idea.

    4. Homemade Granola Bar – This one takes a bit more preparation at least a night before, but designing your own homemade granola bar can help your child find an on-the-go breakfast that perfectly suits his or her pallet.

    5. Fruit Cheese Quesadilla – Give your kids the sweet they want with the protein they need with on-the-go fruit and cheese quesadillas. Take your child’s favorite fruit (an apple always works) and mix it with a sprinkle of sharp cheese, and they’ll be out the door with full bellies.