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Aspire Charter Academy is considered a Model Orange County Charter Elementary School for our specialized focus on positive behaviors and activities that uplift young minds and spirits.   We are determined to create and foster a ‘family’ atmosphere so that every child can realize their full potential.

Aspire Charter Academy has an open enrollment of no more than 140 students. Aspire’s enrollment is open so long as there is space available in the classrooms.


Our academic team is headed by Principal, Pamela Schenkel. Schenkel has decades of experience in behavioral support, and is well regarded in academic circles as a leader in the field of special education.  She has provided staff development for administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and families for Orange County Public Schools from 1993 through 2011.  Teachers and support staff are highly trained, with many holding Master’s degrees.

Parental Involvement Plan 2018-2019:
Feel free to peruse the school’s Parent and
Family Engagement Plan and our School
Improvement Plan below for the 2018/2019 year.

School Improvement Plan
Parental and Family Engagement Plan 2018-2019

Board Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors Meetings will take place at our
Malone Drive location beginning at 6pm.
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2018
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – November 2, 2017
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – July 21, 2017
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – January 19, 2017
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2017
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2016
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – October 5, 2015
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2015
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – August 6, 2014
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2014
ACA Board Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2014

Annual Audit
2017 Audit
2016 Audit
2015 Audit
2014 Audit
2013 Audit

Annual Budget
ACA Original Budget 2017-2018
ACA Original Budget 2016-2017 
ACA Original Budget 2015-2016
ACA Original Budget 2014-2015
ACA Original Budget 2013-2014

Annual Budget Amendment
ACA Original Budget Amendment 2015-2016

Certificate of Sanitation
Certificate of Sanitation 2017
Certificate of Sanitation 2016 

Governing Board Members
Michael J.Sullivan, President
Robert Summers, Vice President
Thomas Durkee, Treasurer
Sharon Owens
Charisma Cyprian
Elaine Fitzgerald
Michael Miller

Performance and Programs

Aspire Charter Academy operates under the guiding belief that all students can be successful.  All of our teachers are certified in General Education and in Exceptional Student Education. In addition, each classroom has a highly-qualified paraprofessional.  This allows us to provide specialized instruction in small or individual situations.  With a student population of 45% eligible to receive Special Education services, we strive to provide responsible inclusion so that disabled and non-disabled students learn side by side.

We’re excited to say Aspire Charter Academy has received a “C” letter grade for the 2016 school year, a huge improvement from the 2013-2014 school year when we earned a failing letter grade under the State of Florida’s School A+ Plan. More than 89% of our students made a year’s growth.  Therefore, when the State of Florida takes a snap shot of our students, the outcome is very misleading.  More than half of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are eligible as Exceptional Student Education and come to us 2 to 3 years below level.

Aspire also provides strong support via technology.  For 106 students, we have 61 laptops, 53 iPads, and 18 Netbooks.  This does not include the eight (8) Mac Books for teachers or the computers for the administrative team.  Every classroom has a fully interactive Smart Board.
Parent Liaison:  Pam Schenkel or Sheree Fox

Contact Pam to learn more at Pschenkel@aspirecharteracademy.com

Educator Misconduct and Mandatory Abuse Report

Mandatory Abuse Report