• 5 Tips for Parenting in Public

  • Children often have a hard time determining between what is appropriate for home and what is appropriate for public settings. As an adult it can be embarrassing to have your child acting out in public, but it can be even more embarrassing trying to discipline them in public. Instead of feeling like the bad guy in front of strangers, remember these tips for parenting in public, and you’ll be sure to end up with a nice day out on the town with the family.

    1. Always be one step ahead. Identify your child’s basic needs before you head out, so you can better avoid and be prepared for trouble. If your child is satisfied with his or her situation, there is less of a chance of your child will act out.

    2. Make sure your child knows he or she is getting into. Talk to your child about where you are going, who you will be around, and what to expect. This might mean kindly telling them how long the task will take or how many pieces of candy they are allow to have.

    3. Let your child get involved with positive contributions. The more your child is involved with the activity at hand, the less likely it is they will get into trouble.

    4. Do your activity WITH your child. This means being present and sharing the experience with your child rather than simply having him or her “tag along.

    5. Always sympathize with upset, but don’t let your child push the limits. Let your child know that you’re sorry they are upset and let them know they are being a real trooper. But when it comes to the rules, don’t hesitate to be firm on your stance.