• Best After-School Snacks

  • The best after-school snacks are good for your child’s health, but also act as a tasty treat that reinforces good study habits.

    Fresh Fruit Smoothies – Smoothies are a fun, easy way to give your children their daily servings of fruit. Set your kids up with their homework after school while you stir up some smoothies. When they are all finished, smoothies are a great reward!

    Veggies and Hummus – This grab and dip snack is the perfect way to familiarize your child with the delicious natural taste of vegetables. Dipping is not only fun for kids, but having an array of veggies gives your child control over what they like and don’t like.

    Yogurt Treats – Whether it be fruit and yogurt bites or a yogurt parfait, some antioxidant-rich, Greek yogurt is perfect for your child’s afterschool snack, and kids love it! While fresh fruit and granola make an awesome parfait, yogurt covered fruit bites are a great snack on-the-go.

    Fruit and Nut Mixes – Some hearty granola and nuts will give your child a good source of fiber and protein to keep them active, while fruity bits help sweeten the mix and keep your child coming back for more. Stay away from sugary cereal mixes, and always look for real fruit and nuts.

    Veggie Chips – Having an on-the-go style snack like veggie chips ensures your kids get the afterschool snack they need, even if they aren’t going straight home. Veggie chips are a healthy alternative to traditional potato chips and offer less fat and sodium. Even these small changes to your child’s diet can make them feel more active and energized, while still giving them the same great taste.

    Ants-On-A-Log – Nothing beats the sweet, crunchy goodness of ants-on-a-log! Grab some fresh celery, slap on some peanut butter and march some raisins along the top. For a fun twist, use Craisins!

    Sliced Apple Sandwiches – Your child’s “apple a day” doesn’t have to be a plain apple. Try taking two slices of apple and make a sandwich with peanut butter as the filling! You can also use almond butter and raisins as an even healthier option.