• Child Birthday Party Do’s & Don’ts

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    Party starting at age 4: You may be inclined to celebrate your child’s first few birthdays with the family, but when it comes to birthday parties, 4 is the perfect age to start. By then, your child is likely in early academia, making friends, and getting invited to other birthday parties at school. They are also more aware of what is happening and can better appreciate the fun and excitement of their big day.


    Rsvp: Make sure you always request an RSVP when sending out invitations for your child’s party, and be clear about the time frame and expectations for the party. It’s also good practice to reach out to the parents of other birthday boys and girls whose party your own child is invited to, whether your child is attending or not. Be clear on the invite.


    Practice good party etiquette: Young children aren’t quite as sensitive to the feelings of their peers as adults are. As such, it’s important to sit down with your child before a party and go over how to be appreciative for gifts from friends and family. This can help avoid awkward situations at the party itself. When the party has passed, it’s also a nice touch to write up “Thank You” cards with your child.



    Stress the guest list: It’s important for your child to feel included amongst their peers, so when it comes to the guest list, talk to your child about who they want to invite and work with them to prevent anyone from feeling left out. 4 out of 15 children in your child’s class may be appropriate for a small party, but inviting 13 out of 15 could cause drama. It’s usually better to invite everyone, depending on their age.


    Go too lavish: Some parents like and can afford to go all out on their kids’ birthday parties. While it may be impressive to other parents, the real goal is to impress your child. Don’t jump to the extravagant. Work with your child to design a party that will “wow” the birthday boy or girl!


    Splurge on gifts: When it comes to a birthday party your child is attending, use your best judgment on birthday presents. $15-20 should be plenty, but factors like how well your kid knows the birthday child and how old they are may come into play. If the party is for your child, make expectations clear on the invitation.