• Common Sleeping Problems and How to Fix Them

  • We spend a substantial portion of our lives sleeping, and during our childhood, we need more sound sleep than we do as adults. But with all the caffeine-intense foods and distracting technologies kids have at their disposal throughout the day, it’s no wonder some kids have trouble sleeping.

    Anxiety: While they may not be stressing about the same things adults do, kids of all ages can develop anxiety about everything from playground romances to disappointing test grades. Even if they don’t pinpoint those stressors when you ask about them, they may still exist and can often lead to troubles settling in at bedtime. Try letting your child decide what would help him or her cope at night time, be it an extra big pillow or a special nightlight. For older kids, you can also suggest writing in a journal before bed to help flush out worries and fears that might be knocking around in their heads.

    Snoring: While it’s certainly not the most devastating of ailments, snoring can rouse kids a number of times in a single night, depriving them of deep sleep. Obesity can be a contributing factor, but sometimes it can stem from tonsils and adenoids that might need removing.

    Sleepwalking: This is fairly common among elementary school kids, and it’s primarily caused by one sleep-stage that didn’t quite make it to the next. Most kids will grow out of this. All you can really do is keep them safe as best you can, and if it becomes a problem, talk to a pediatrician.

    Restless Legs: Restless legs is not only caused by a deficiency in iron and folic acid, but it can also run in the family. However, you may also spy similar sleep problems in kids who are too wound up before bed. To prevent this, you can start by reducing caffeine intact early in the day, and allow for some time to unwind before brushing teeth and getting into bed.