• Car Safety Tips

  • With so many different distractions for drivers, the roads are getting more and more dangerous. When you are constantly driving your family to school and work, it’s important to drive cautiously and attentively. Safe practices in regards to seatbelts and booster seats can help ensure your little ones are protected from the dangers of the road.

    Be Strict About Buckling Up: Seatbelts are built into cars for one reason: to protect you and your family in the event of a crash. Ensure your kids learn this reason for seat belts at a young age. Don’t shrug it off the minute you jump in the car. Instead, take the time to teach your kids about seat belt safety and help everyone in the car get buckled up before any car ride, no matter how short.

    Booster Seat Comfort is Key for the Safety of Young Kids: Summer heat has a tendency to run into fall, so don’t make the mistake of thinking your child is safe in their booster seat without the car on. Not only do booster seats collect heat more quickly than other seats in the car, but the metal fixtures built into booster seats tend to hold on to the heat, leaving an opportunity to burn skin if the car hasn’t been on for a while. While, at the end of the day, booster seats were invented to protect your kids in the event of a crash, they can also be harmful you aren’t properly fitted to your child and utilized to the fullest extent of their safety features.

    Simply Avoid Distractions: As the driver of the vehicle, it is up to you to avoid the distractions of the road, whether they are inside or outside the car. This can be done with simple attentiveness for the most part, and it’s an easy, life-long practice that is vital for kids to learn at a young age. When teens are ready to take to the road, this will be a constant struggle, as smartphones rule our lives these days. But it can help to be a good example for younger kids by speaking openly about how attentiveness contributes to family car safety.