• Family Game Night Ideas

  • Nothing brings the family together like a night full of fun and games. Family game night is perfect for getting even your smallest kids involved in family fun. It not only strengthens your bonds as a family, but it’s an excuse for the lives of all your family members to converge for once! Share in a night of smiles and laughter with the ones you love with some of these great game ideas!

    Classic Board Games
    Most times, classic board games are the go-to source for game night, and it’s true that everything from Monopoly to Scrabble can make your family game night a success. But why not spice it up?! Classic games give your kids an appreciation for those old favorites, and if they’ve never played it, it still feels new. However, adding your own rules to these classic games can make it more interesting for seasoned gamers.

    New Board Games
    Another way to get your young ones interested in game night is to pick out a more modern board game. Take your kids to the store to find a game that interests them, even if you, as the adult, may not be good at it. Kids can relate better to more modern elements and mechanics, and in the end, it’s about family time, not winning or losing.

    Any game that incorporates the whole body not only gets your family away from the usual, dining-room-table-style game night, but it gives your family a reason to act out of the ordinary and break away from any shyness that might create boundaries. Breaking your family into teams for games like charades also alleviates the pressure of being the singular loser of a game.

    Similar to charades, telephone completely eliminates the concept of a loser. When you play as a group and everyone wins and loses as a whole, it builds connectivity!

    As a quick tip for keeping your family game night a success, remind all your participants, young and old, that games are games. Nothing ruins the night like a sore loser, and establishing a relaxed, “just for fun” attitude can help keep your family game night fun for all!