• Food & Drink Ideas for Your Sick Child

  • The go-to for sick kids is always over-the-counter cold and flu syrups. However, eating right can not only help your kids get better when they are sick, but help prevent them from getting sick in the future. When your child is sick, help them keep up a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, and just a bit of lean protein to ensure they are feeling better in no time. Here are a few great food and drink ideas to help your sick child start feeling better on the fly!


    Upset Stomachs

    • In Babies (Less than 1 Year): Breastfeeding can sometimes lead to vomiting in babies. Give your baby time to recover and then offer another try. If the problem continues, the best bet is to resort to a potassium/sodium solution like Pedialyte. This is the best option when it comes to upset stomachs while bottle feeding.
    • In Children (1 Year and Older): Pedialyte can also be helpful for older children. That being said, most children probably won’t like the taste. Monitor your child’s sickness closely, and offer the solution mixed into juice or even Kool Aid. Once your child gets to sleep, try not to wake him or her for more fluids. A good rest is also a necessity.


    Cold and Flu

    • Water is always the first priority when it comes to loosening phlegm and soothing the throat after coughing.
    • Warm and very cold liquids are both preferred for soothing sore throats, but avoid juices as the acid can hurt the throats of some children.
    • As cliché as it sounds, chicken soup has actually been researched for its anti-inflammatory properties.



    • Even without vomiting or diarrhea, a fever requires lots of fluids, and you can make sure those fluids go the distance by including diluted fruit juices or Gatorade.
    • Lack of appetite in children could mean you need to get creative with meals. Try one of these sweet, feel-good treats:
      • Applesauce topped with cinnamon sugar raisins
      • Frozen fruit juice pops
      • Chilled peaches over frozen yogurt
      • Club soda with cranberry juice, raspberry juice, or both
      • Oatmeal with real fruits and brown sugar