• Fun Experiment to Teach Your Children About Hygiene

  • In the recent months, we have been hearing plenty about personal hygiene due to the novel Coronavirus. Washing hands and refraining from touching your face, as we know, are all important to stop the spread of the virus. Even after the Covid-19 lockdown, it is still worthwhile to keep up good hygiene, so the virus and other sicknesses don’t continue to spread. One way to do your part in this strategy is by reinforcing to your children the value of proper hygiene.

    Now is the perfect opportunity for teaching your children correct hygiene. They have a tangible reason to understand your encouragement. Your family may have already taken the necessary approaches when it comes to washing hands, but here is a fun and interactive way to reinforce the concepts of appropriate hygiene.

    This experiment is a good way to illustrate how germs will stay away if you wash your hands. You only need a bowl, water, pepper, and soap.

    • Take your bowl and fill it with water.
    • Sprinkle a small layer of pepper on it.
    • Tell your child to dip their finger in the bowl and note that the pepper stays where it is — around their hand.
    • Next, tell them to put some soap on their finger and dip it in the bowl again. This time, the pepper will move away from their finger.


    You can use this activity as an example of germs going away when we wash our hands with soap. By interacting with actual materials and seeing what happens, your children will soak in the information and learn from it better.

    You don’t have to apply this concept exclusively to hand washing. You can also use this example for brushing their teeth, bathing and showering, and cleaning their room. During and after the Coronavirus, new attitudes and actions related to cleanliness may stick around, so it is important to make sure your children understand the situation so they can be healthy and prepared.

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