• Get Your Kids Moving!

  • One of the worst habits your child can get into after school may not be as scary as some others, but becoming a couch potato is a guaranteed way to ensure you are lazy for life. While a bit of TV and relaxation every once in a while isn’t going to hurt them, kids who become too attached to TV have a greater chance of obesity and can end up stuck in a life-long habit that is hard to break. The best way to prevent this is by teaching your kids the value of physical and outdoor activity at a young age. Below are just a few ways you can work with your child on getting up and getting moving.


    Share physical skills: Get involved in your children’s fitness by having them teach you a physical skill they’ve learned in PE class or at afterschool sports. Then, teach them a new skill you’ve learned in your own daily fitness!


    Body Letters: This is a fun, simple game that is great for getting the kids off the couch. Have your child make letters with his or her body, or everyone can join in and spell out words together! See if your child can make it through the whole alphabet!


    Freeze Frame: Pop on some tunes and have a supervisor man the music. Contestants must dance nonstop until the music master pauses the music. If you move after that, you lose, and whoever is the last standing wins!


    Balloon Games: Whether they play volleyball or popping games, balloons are a great, affordable way to keep your kids moving and having fun all afternoon.


    Potato Race: Clear some space in the living room or the backyard, and put a small bucket at the end of the racetrack for each racer. The races have to get from the starting line to the bucket while carrying a potato between their knees. If a racer drops the potato, he or she has to start back at the beginning!