• Getting Kids Back on Schedule for the Upcoming School Year


    During the summer, kids experience a lull in learning, and it can sometimes be hard to get them back in the grove of learning new things every day. Not only do children spend less time on academics during the summer, but they can actually lose up to a fourth of the material they learned during the previous school year. Don’t let your kids wallow through the hardships of the back-to-school slump. Instead, use these tips to start preparing them for what’s to come!


    Start Talking About It Early – Your child may dread the approach of the school year, but talking about it sooner rather than later can help them get used to idea of the early mornings and packed lunches.


    Set Up Their Sleep Schedule – Get your child used to going to bed and waking up early. With the come of the new school year, there should also be a new nighttime routine. Discuss that routine before the first week of school so that they aren’t shocked at 6am on the first day of school.


    Make Organization a Priority – This means, keep your kids in the loop on where their backpack, notebooks, homework assignments, and general paperwork belong. Dedicate a drawer or cabinet to your child’s school paperwork, express the importance of keeping it organized, and remind them about it frequently.


    Plan Out a Wardrobe – Talk with your kids about what they want to wear on the first day of school, and work with them each night before bed to pick out an outfit for the next day. This prevents the struggle of having to pick out something first thing in the morning.


    Monitor Digital Activity – This don’t mean snoop on your child’s online activity. It just means to remind your child that they may not be allowed as much TV and computer time once the school year starts. Get them used to the idea of having other priorities and ensure when the moment comes that you stay true to your word.