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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Date: February 5, 2018 Author: aspirecharter Categories: Blog


Happy February! The month of hearts, candy, and flowers. But if you or your kids are having a hard time feeling the love, you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s hard to get into the spirit, but here are some suggestions that can give you a good place to start.

Getting kids excited about a celebration is the easy part; everyone loves a party. And the hallmarks of Valentine’s Day are indulging in sweets and candy. But what about the deeper meaning behind the commercialism? Encouraging children to share their feelings or prepare thoughtful Valentine’s cards isn’t always easy. So, what’s a parent to do?

1. Making Valentine’s cards for family

This low-risk activity can eliminate the fear and worry of rejection or of not receiving a card in return. It’s easy to forget the anxiety we felt on Valentine’s Day as kids who don’t completely understand the complexity of adult relationships. But the truth is, expressing emotion is just as scary for kids as it is for adults.

2. Talk to children about true caring.

Keep it simple at home by having these conversations while baking cookies or engaging in V-Day themed arts and crafts. This can go a long way towards positively reinforcing a child’s budding compassion.

3. Your child’s teacher is a resource

If you’re concerned about what is expected, reach out to your child’s teacher. Most of the time, a simple class party is all that’s planned to encourage children to share a special day. Ask the teacher whether cards will be exchanged, if they will be handing out Valentine’s day goodies, and what measures are in place to make sure no one’s feelings get hurt.

4. Ask your child to think of one positive thing about everyone they know

This is a great way to teach kids tolerance and appreciation for differences among classmates. It can also lead to connections with other kids that can become the building blocks of friendship.

Challenge children to avoid negative thoughts about anyone during the month of February. Or to meet every negative thought with a positive one.  Association by encouragement can mean so much to a child who may feel left out on Valentine’s Day.  Love happens every day of the year. With the right guidance, our young children can learn this from parents and teachers.

We hope February will become your month of hope and encouragement.