• How to get Picky Eaters to Try Healthy Foods

  • Some kids are reluctant to try new foods, healthy or otherwise. There are lots of ways parents can get healthy foods into the hands of even the pickiest eater. Picky eating is most commonly due to a fear of new things, and kids shouldn’t be forced into eating foods they don’t want, but by making healthy foods available and working to change your child’s view of them, you can quickly change your picky eater into a well-rounded, veggie-munching kid.

    Teach About Healthy Foods Earlier:  Choose healthy foods for your child as soon as they are off the formula and teach the importance of healthy choices early. Raising your child to be a healthy eater is the best way to ensure they stay that way throughout life, so put veggies on the menu from day one.

    Make Sure Healthy Choice are Available:  If the only food in the pantry is junk food, that is all they will learn to eat, and it will become what they are most familiar with. Instead, familiarize your child with healthy choices and make sure they always have the option to grab a healthy snack over a ‘junky’ one.

    Don’t Restrict, But Make Prep Healthier:  When your child asks for chicken nuggets instead of grilled chicken breast, you don’t necessarily have to deny them. Instead, get them whole grain, lean meat chicken nuggets. Small modifications to your child’s everyday meals can shift their palette in a healthy direction without forcing them away from their favorite foods.

    Be a Good Example:  Show your kids that you can actually enjoy healthy foods. Munch on vegetables in front of them and offer to share, but remember to let your child make the decision to accept.

    Make Food Time a Fun Time:  One of the best ways to get your kid to eat healthy is to make healthy foods fun! Let you child pick an exotic fruit or veggie to try, or turn snack time into a taste test. You can also give your healthy snacks silly names to make them seem less foreign and more enjoyable for your child. Remember, if you approach healthy foods with a positive attitude, your child will too!