• How to Keep Your Kids Motivated After School to do Homework

  • Kids come out of their school day with a renewed vigor that most parents can’t relate to, and sometimes this can put your kids off track when it comes to their homework and study time. It’s important to keep your kids focused and motivated throughout the school year to keep them active in education and always pushing toward success at school. Here’s a few ways to get them motivated to do their homework.

    Burn Off That Extra Energy – Some kids need to get their jitters out before settling in to do school work. While every child is different, it is sometimes more effective to let you child go out and burn off that after-school energy reserve, and then plan to get them started on homework before dinner.

    Offer Up a Reward – Positive reinforcement is often more effective than negative reinforcement. Suggesting there might be a reward, be it a toy or tasty snack, can drastically increase your child’s interest in doing what needs to get done, namely homework.

    Keep It Fun – Even if you have to augment the work a bit, try and spice up your child’s everyday homework routine with something that makes it fun. You can easily turn studying into a game of trivia, or give your child a point for each homework problem he or she completes and see if they can get more points than the day before.

    Set Goals for the School Year – Always keep your kids looking forward. Getting bad grades can cause a lack of motivation in kids, but by setting goals, you can encourage your kids to get back out there and do what they need to do to get their grades up. Talk with your kids about goals they want to meet, and help them reach that milestone.