• How to Organize After School Homework Time

  • When your kids come home from school, the last thing they are going to want to do is more studying. But organizing a time for homework is vital to your child’s success as a student, and it doesn’t have to mean there is no play time after school. Here are a few steps to organizing after school homework time with your child.

    Plot Out a Detailed Schedule: Get an idea of what your child’s homework schedule is like for the week and build a schedule, complete with your own work and chore agenda. By including yourself in this schedule, you are setting an example for your child and establishing the importance of working while at home. Also, include your child’s play time in their schedule to give them something to look forward to.

    Build a Work Space: Provide your kids with a work space that is clean and away from the TV and other distractions. Have the weekly schedule in view, and review it with your child before beginning homework each day. Try to find a space where your kids often see you working to show that it is an environment meant for work.

    Make Homework Fun: The reason free time should not come before homework at the day’s end is because you don’t want your children to lose their energy before they get to study. But you can make some snacks available for the kids after school while they do homework, and leave them with the promise that, if they finish up their homework, they can have some TV or game time.

    Knowing the Difference Between a Slacking Student and a Student Having Difficulty: Get to know your child’s habits and monitor their work pace. If they seem to complete their assignments too quickly, try sitting down with them to make sure they did everything correctly to catch any slacking. However, if your children take too long with their homework, it could be a sign that they are struggling. Offer help and encourage them to take their time. A child may need a new work space to avoid distraction. Remember, the better your child can focus, the better they will learn.

    Consistency helps your child get used to the schedule faster, causing less fuss and more effective studying. It’s important to stick with your plan once you’ve made it. Organize after school homework time for your child and see if you can spot a difference in their grades.