• How to Raise a Confident Reader

  • Fostering confidence in our children is one of our most important roles as parents, and by raising a confident reader we can ensure our children grow both mentally and socially. Good reading skills give children the tools they need to succeed in school and establish healthy habits that will last into their adult lives.

    Get Your Kids Involved – Visit the library or book store with your child and work together to find a book that fits their interest and skill level. By allowing your child to pick their own reading material, they are already fostering an interest in the act of reading and will be more inclined to pick up a book rather than a videogame. eBooks are also a great way to incorporate reading into learning games that your child may be used to playing on a tablet.

    Take Turns Reading to Each Other – Pick a time when both you and your child can sit down together and take turns reading to each other. Whether you take turns reading pages or chapters, reading to your child gives them a foundation for pronunciation, rhythm, as well as definition. While acting as an audience for your child’s reading, this also gives them an introduction to public speaking as well as an opportunity for correction and repetition.

    Set a Good Example – Read your own books. Show them reading is for more than just learning; it’s for enjoyment! Allow them to see you reading or subtly incorporate reading into your plans for the day. You might say something like, “I think I’m going to make some lunch and then do a little reading. Care to join me?” Test your effectiveness by leaving some of your child’s books around the house and see if they follow your lead.

    Use Positive Reinforcement – When you notice that your child is comfortable with their current reading level, help them find a book that is a bit higher than their reading level and encourage them to take on the challenge of completing it. You can even incentivize their reading habits to keep them interested, but focus less on physical rewards and more on mental rewards. Reading should be more than homework for your kids. Get them excited about what they are reading and the habit will last a lifetime!