• How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child

  • Relationships between adults are hard enough, but kids require a different sort of communication and affection to build a strong, lasting relationship.

    Make Genuine Physical Connections – You might have learned something about nature versus nurture in psychology class, but the idea behind it is simple. Even though a child’s environment does have a hand in determining the adults we turn into, the nurturing side of it is actually the more important of the two, offering comfort and support when they need it most. Make a point to hug, or make a physical connection, at least a dozen times per day. It doesn’t have to be very noticeable, but it should be enough to tell your kids you love them and you’re there for them on a physical level.

    Use Family Time to Focus on Building Your Relationship – Technology is great for a lot of things, but relationships aren’t one of them. When it comes to developing a relationship with your child, it helps to turn smartphones, televisions, and tablets off. Make family time about really focusing on each other and giving your child the attention he or she needs. Distractions dampen the value of “together time”, when what’s most important is listening to your child and making them feel like they are the center of your world.

    Share Your Feelings Openly, and Encourage Your Child to Do the Same – Expressing your feelings in a clear, but kind manner is a good way to let your child into your head and your heart. This builds a closeness that stems from one trusting the other with personal thoughts and feelings, things we all too often keep to ourselves. Practice opening up to your child, and you might be surprised to find your child sharing new thoughts and feelings with you too.