• How Your Kids Can Get a Great Night’s Sleep

  • Are your children still in the transition phase from summer to school? Maybe just having a hard time winding down at night? Read on for some practical tips to get your kids to peacefully fall asleep every night.

    1. Lose the games: Studies show that kids who played video games an hour before bedtime had serious sleep disruptions. Video games that have a lot of violent content especially make your child restless due to increased anxiety levels and nightmares. So make sure that the screen time is cut down right before your kids hit the hay.

    2. Lights out: Any trace of light will actually disrupt your sleep so the best way to snooze is in complete darkness. If your kids are afraid of the dark, you can try putting a night light in the hallway and shut it off after they are asleep or get one that has a self-timer.

    3. Be active: Physical activity is very important to your body functioning as it should. Create a goal of your child getting a full hour of physical activity during the day so they are able to wind down and sleep sound at night.

    4. Routines are your friend: Going to bed at the same time every night really helps the body know when to start winding down. If you create a routine of relaxation before bed and then stay consistent with bedtime, your child’s body should naturally adjust and they will be able to fall asleep a lot easier.

    5. Avoid heavy foods and caffeine right before bedtime: Obviously, caffeine will spike your energy levels so that should be avoided within 3 hours of bedtime. Small, healthy snacks, like apple slices or crackers, are perfectly fine before bedtime, but you want to avoid those bigger meals that are super filling right before they go to bed.

    Try putting these tips into practice and let us know if you saw improvement in your child’s sleep patterns!