• Keep Kids Sharp Over the Weekends

  • As soon as the bell rings Friday afternoon, most kids shift focus to weekend fun, and sometimes, that can lead to them forgetting the important lessons they learned that week. It’s important to keep kids on their toes and thinking about school even during the weekend, and you can do that by sneaking educational activities into your weekend fun! Here are a few ways you can do that:

    Spread Out Homework: This works for both you and your child because it allows them to work for a certain period of time before switching gears to play time. Then, later on in the weekend, sit down with them again to finish the rest of their homework.

    Quiz Them When They Least Expect It: While you are out and about with the family each weekend, spring a pop quiz on your kids. Even if it’s not related to their schoolwork, it will get their gears turning.

    Invest in an At-Home Science Kit: Science is about exploring the world around you, and with an at-home science kit, your kids can take on the world in their own time. Not only does a science kit encourage educational endeavors, but it is also fun for the whole family!

    Make Reading Recreational: Reading allows your child to reinforce their language skills, but it is also an opportunity for them to explore worlds beyond their imagining. By introducing reading as a recreational activity, you are more likely to make a regular reader out of your child, helping them in school as well as daily life.

    Flex Your Math Muscles Together at the Grocery Store: The grocery store is the perfect place to break out your math skills. Test them by comparing deals or calculating overall costs. Keeping those math muscles flexed over the weekend will help your child perform better as classes get more difficult throughout the year.