• Keeping kids sharp and smart during summer.

  • There is significant evidence behind the idea that the summer creates a lull in your child’s learning and retention. Testing scores are often lower after summer months and some researchers believe kids are losing two months of work by taking two months off. So the question is: What can be done to keep your kids’ learning on path during the summer? Here are some tips!

    Prevent your kids from becoming couch potatoes. The TV is the number one cause of the summer slump. Though some shows are educational, your kids don’t retain information the same way they do in regular learning environments. A little is okay, but encourage productivity instead.

    Find some shade outside and plop down with a book. It’s nice to get outdoors without the need to run around and play. Have your kids go out and enjoy nature by reading under a tree or even just on the porch.

    Teach them things they don’t learn in school. Even if it’s chores, teaching your kids new skills will help keep them on their toes and keep their brain in learning mode.

    Play word games! Whether it’s scrabble or a new game on your tablet, let your kids have some fun this summer by having them play games that strengthen their vocabulary. This allows them to learn as they play!

    Get an at-home science kit. If science is your kid’s thing, then encourage them to practice over the summer! A microscope and a few slides can go a long way in promoting learning at home.

    Have your kids use their math skills at the grocery store. Whether they are counting out apples and bananas or calculating the price of your overall purchase, the grocery store is the perfect place for your kids to keep their math skills sharp during the summer.