• New Supplies for a New School Year

  • When you’re headed back to school after a long summer of fun, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. While every grade level has different requirements, you can never be too ready for class, which is why the ‘school supplies’ aisle is always so crowded come August. But it’s also good to keep in mind that learning, and schools, are evolving. Consider upgrading your child’s school supplies, so they’ll be ready for anything.


    The New Backpack

    While your kids certainly don’t need a new one every year, some backpacks just aren’t in as great a shape as they once were. Just like clothing, your child’s backpack is a fashion statement, and new styles are being invented every year. Not only will a new backpack give your child a sense of individuality and confidence, but you might even find that newer backpacks also come with better durability and usability.


    Updated Calculator

    More and more math classes are requiring scientific calculators, especially as students get into higher grade levels, and teachers often require one of the most up-to-date versions of a particular calculator. It may be time to graduate from those old light-activated calculators and indulge in Texas Instruments’ TI-30X.


    Back-to-School Tech

    Learning has expanded beyond the classroom, and lots of schools are making an effort to transition homework from the paper to the web. This makes easy online-access a necessity for students in order to help them excel. Though it’s not a viable option for every family or child, a tablet can go a long way in expanding your kids’ learning abilities. Tablet computers not only help your child keep up with online classwork, but the wide range of educational applications might actually supplement their learning. Not to mention, tablets are also usually less expensive than even a laptop computer.


    This year, augment that back-to-school checklist with some new supplies, and get your child set for a future rich with learning potential!