• Our Points System Promotes Success

  • At Aspire Charter Academy, we believe that children can and will respond when they are met with recognition and reward. Positive reinforcement, as opposed to punishment, is more effective and motivates students in a caring way that recognizes the whole child. At our school, we don’t want your child’s good behavior to go unnoticed. Noticing and celebrating good behavior is the foundation for our Points System.


    Our fun and interactive Points System is our way of reinforcing good behavior and attitudes. Each student gets a point sheet where their points are tracked for good citizenship skills. Each evening, parents look it over and sign. Upon arrival to school, students earn points for good bus behavior, wearing their uniform, getting their points sheet signed, and completing homework. Throughout the day, they earn points by keeping areas clean, respecting others and their property, staying in assigned areas when necessary, seeking help appropriately, and following directions. If the students follow these behaviors without any reminders, they earn two points. With reminders, they earn one. Points are given each hour. A major part of the Points System is that it is strictly positive in nature. Once points are earned, they are never taken away.


    At the end of each day, students can use their points for fun activities during Dollar Time! The number of points they have earned determines which activity they can do. For example, high points allow for iPad use and board games while lower points earn coloring pages. At the end of the week, their points are converted to dollars, and they can go to the store on campus to purchase some highly sought-after items!


    We want to surround our students with encouragement and positive interactions, and we have seen success with our Points System. If you have any questions, call us at 407-297-9955.