• Say Goodbye to Messy Kids Rooms: Tips to help get kids to clean their rooms

  • A messy room is inevitable, not only because kids make messes, but because they usually hate cleaning them up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t guide them towards healthy cleaning habits. Try some of these tips to teach your kids how to clean their rooms and keep them clean!

    Start by breaking down exactly what you want your child to do. Be specific in what you want cleaned up and even where you want it to go. This prevents the “It’s already clean” excuse and ensures your child knows the details of what exactly needs cleaning.

    Don’t be afraid to help out with the cleanup. By helping your child clean, you’re demonstrating what you expect to be done each time your child cleans his or her room. This also helps get the job done quicker, which means your child may not be quiet so reluctant knowing that the job doesn’t actually take that long. Eventually, your child will learn to avoid relying on you for cleanup, especially if you’re cleaning elsewhere.

    Try to let your child put things back the way they want them, with some exceptions. If your child is putting Legos in the underwear drawer, you might want to advise against it. However, if your child has an idea to put a toy away neatly in a spot that offers easier access for later use, it can not only allow your child better independence in the future, but it can also make cleaning more interesting for your child.

    Incentives are always better than punishments. The goal is to make cleaning an everyday activity rather than a punishment. By offering incentives for cleaning, you reinforce the good in cleaning rather than associating it with a bad experience. Reward your kids for cleaning their rooms, and you’ll be surprised how quick they are to clean on their own next time.