• Summer Hiking with Your Children Has Many Benefits

  • At Aspire Charter Academy, our goal is to cultivate creativity in each of our students. Now that the summer break is here, we hope they have finished the school year with an uplifted mind, ready to make the most of summer, even during these difficult times. Due to the Coronavirus, it may be hard to go to certain places, especially if you or someone you live with may be more susceptible to the virus. However, there is one activity that is still doable — hiking on trails.

    Walking as recreation and hiking in nature have numerous benefits for adults and children. Even though our state is slowly reopening in phases, the Coronavirus is still hindering some summer activities. That’s why more parents have turned to hiking and taking walks as an excellent and safe way to entertain their children. Here are two benefits to walking and some local parks you can visit:


    Creativity ignites.

    This is one of the benefits we at Aspire Charter Academy like the most! Walking frees your brain, giving it room and time to think. A study conducted at Stanford University found that a person’s creativity increased 60% when taking a walk. By taking your children on walks, they will have the space to come up with new imaginative ideas, whether it’s games to play, stories they create, or more!


    Health benefits abound.

    Several improvements to health can result when walking. Hiking outdoors is a good source of vitamin D, which comes from the sun. Some research suggests that walking in nature builds certain immune cells, those that ward off harmful diseases. Spending time in nature will also decrease levels of stress. As is true for all exercise, hiking strengthens the human body in a variety of ways — fortifying your heart, reinforcing your bones, increasing energy levels, possibly avoiding disease, strengthening your immune system, and so much more. Allowing your children to run, walk, and play in nature will render great health benefits for them.

    Unlike some other exercises, walking is easier to keep up with and perform. Depending on where you live in the Orlando area, you can visit some beautiful hiking trails. Visit the Shingle Creak Regional Trail, Lake Underhill Park, Big Tree Park, Black Bear Wilderness Loop Trail, and Bill Frederick Park. A quick Google search of Orlando hiking trails will show you more wonderful spots.

    This summer, foster creativity and positivity in your children with entertaining activities. But most importantly, have fun! At Aspire Charter Academy, we believe that an uplifting atmosphere cultivates great minds in education. We work with our students on an individual basis, ensuring they learn in accordance with what they need. Call us today at 407-297-9955!