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Summer is Coming!

Date: April 3, 2018 Author: AspireCharter Categories: Blog


Summer Preparation

“April showers bring May flowers”— this is nature’s version of thinking ahead. And the lesson is very applicable. But when it comes to school, April is just about the time when the year begins to wind down and everyone is anxiously waiting for summer. But just like nature, this is the perfect time to plan ahead and set kids up for success for the coming year.


Learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. Keep cognitive juices flowing with these suggestions to keep kids intellectually engaged while enjoying their summer break:

Check the local library for kids’ programs

The Orlando Kids’ Summer Reading Program 2018 runs from June 2 to August 4. Enroll kids and watch as they enjoy live performances, science, animals, arts, and storytelling! There are also specialized camps for those interested in technology (programming and robotics), music, and solar power.

Get outside

Limit screen-time—including television, computers, and smartphones—to one hour or less per day. Reconnect with the community. Spend time at your local park or sign up to volunteer. Red Cross, Clean the World, Easter Seals, and Habitat for Humanity are just a few organizations that offer summer volunteer programs to youth. Just be sure to check age requirements.

Help them learn something THEY want to learn

This can be as ambitious as horseback riding or taking swimming lessons at the community pool. Learning is much more fun when it’s something they enjoy.

Take advantage of indoor activities

Escape the Florida heat with indoor activities at a community gym or any “cool” place to burn off energy. Many local gyms offer basketball camps for kids and learning a sport promotes self-esteem. Recreation and youth centers also offer great programs for youth to come together.

Encourage reading

In school, kids are told which books to read. Help them discover their own joy of reading by finding books that interest them. They like comics? How about a book about how to create their own?

Visit a museum or historic districts in your city

This is a great way to get kids to connect and become interested in their communities. Every city has a story. There are also farmer’s markets and flea markets to provide hours of entertainment. Check your local newspaper for times and locations.

See a movie

Many theaters offer discounted matinees for kids and families. Another great way to get out of the hot temperatures, relax, and spend some quality time.


Education is everywhere, not just in school. Help your kids learn to recognize and take advantage of it. Encouragement is the best way to teach them that yes, dreams can come true.

When August rolls around, plan an ice cream social at your house to say bon voyage to the summer. Offer to supply the ice cream and tell guests to bring their favorite toppings to share. This is a great way to celebrate a new school year and re-establish new and old friendships.