• The Importance of Routine and Structure for Children

  • When it comes to keeping up with our responsibilities, staying productive, and getting work done, what strategy do we employ to act out these life skills? The answer is a routine and structure. We make the responsibilities we need to get done a routine and part of our schedule in our everyday lives. Whether it’s picking the kids up from school, cleaning the house, or arriving to work on time, we all employ a structure.


    Teaching your children how to create and follow a routine and structure is beneficial for them in the short term and in the long term. At Aspire Charter Academy, we believe that a routine-based style is one of the best ways to learn and develop. Here are a few strategies and benefits to teaching your children about routine and structure:


    Set a time.

    Setting a time to do a certain chore or activity eventually creates routine. For example, establish with your children that before dinner is the time to tidy up their room so they don’t have to deal with the clutter at bedtime or in the morning. Or, you could set a more specific clock-based structure. For instance, say 5:00 PM is the time for straightening their room. You can do these same strategies with brushing teeth, watching TV, completing homework, and playing games. Setting a time for routine gives your child a schedule they can later keep. Choose times that fit with your family’s day and add flex time for those inevitable interruptions.


    Empower your children to take charge of their actions.

    By now, you know children love to be in charge of themselves. With your guidance, show them that when they create a routine for the things they need to do, they feel empowered. Present a scenario and ask them for possible solutions. You might say, “I notice when it’s time to leave for school, we are looking for your shoes. What routine can we create so we know where they are when we need them?” That feeling of independence for something productive helps your child create and act out their own structure and routine. When something is formed by them, it becomes more meaningful in their eyes.


    Routines will create better cooperation.

    When your child knows what to do at certain times and has a sense of independence, they’ll argue less. Your child will understand that turning off the TV for bedtime or dinner is just something that needs to be done as part of the daily routine. And knowing what comes next reduces stress and anxiety, because they are prepared for the transition. With a routine, they can look forward to the things they enjoy.


    At Aspire Charter Academy, we make it a routine to educate our students on an individualized learning basis that is unique to them. We believe that when children are in an environment that cultivates positive and encouraging interactions, they are the most engaged in learning. Our goal is to provide children with unique opportunities that may not be available at the neighborhood school. Call 407-297-9955 to enroll today!