• The School Year Gets Busy

  • Here are Some Tips for Getting Kids to Stay on Task at Home

    When things start getting hectic at school, it can become easy for your child to get a bit off task when studying or doing homework. The most important thing is that your child is learning, and the best way to ensure that is by making sure they stay on task. Use these tips to help keep your child on task at home.

    1. Let Out Extra Energy: Have your child do some exercise or outdoor play after school to let out all their extra energy. This helps prevent the itch for physical activity and can keep your child more on task with their work.

    2. Eliminate Distractions: Turn off TVs, cell phones, and music. Give your child a quiet, peaceful place to think and work. The easier it is to focus, the longer they’ll stay focused.

    3. Make a To-Do List: Start with a to-do list and work from there. Visualizing the tasks before them, can help kids better anticipate the work to come and there is some acknowledgement that they know what needs to get done.

    4. Work in Spurts: It may seem opposite from staying on task, but switch up tasks and coming back to unfinished ones is a unique method of work which allows your child the mental fluidity of following their brain off topic and into a new task. If there are different problems to a class assignment, have your kids solve any problems they can, and then, have them come back to the ones they skipped over. This can also apply to school work from various subjects, or chores at home.