• Things to do on a rainy day with kids

  • On a rainy day, there isn’t much you and your kids can do outside, so why not give them something fun to do indoors? Here are some of the things your kids will love doing on your next rainy day at home.

    Have a Movie Day. Go through your movie pile with your kids and pick out a handful. Pop some popcorn and then veg out on the couch as you watch them back to back!

    Do Some Reading. Cracking open a book near a window on a rainy day is a joy that few people experience as children. Don’t let your child miss out! You can even spend some time reading to them.

    Build a Pillow Fort. Collect blankets, pillows, couch cushions, and anything else that drapes nicely over the couch, and then, create the most beautiful castle or the sturdiest stronghold! You can even build two forts to battle each other and determine who built the strongest fort.

    Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Whether you know where things are already hiding or you sneak special items all around your home, send your kids on a scavenger hunt around the house and see how many items they can find.

    Break Open the Recipe Book. There is nothing better than cooking up something delicious on a rainy day. Invite your kids into the kitchen and whip up something yummy for your family to enjoy.

    Go Outside Anyway! It’s fun to play in the rain, and your kids can have a blast splashing around in puddles and catching raindrops on their tongue. A little rain never hurt anyone, so head to a park and play in the rain for a while! Just be safe and stay inside if there is thunder and lightning.