• Tips for Helping Your Child Set Goals for 2014

  • For 2014, we’re encouraging all our students to set a reading goal for themselves this year. Need some help? Here are our tips for helping your child set goals…


    #1 Talk with your child about the meaning of goals.

    Set aside a specific time for you and your child to talk about the meaning of the word goal and why setting goals is important in life. Make sure they understand the definition and concept behind the word. They also need to understand that achieving a goal takes focus and hard work.

    Tip: Using sport examples are a good way to initiate the explanation.


    #2 Listen to your child.

    We recommend talking with your child about their goals individually. Many children might not open up and speak freely if they think they are being judged by others. Have your child begin the conversation about what is important for them to achieve. Remember to let them set their own goals.

    Tip: If your child is having difficulties thinking of a goal for themselves, give them some examples of goals you have set for yourself in the past as inspiration.


    #3 Give your child some goal orientation language to use to set their exact goals.

    Teach your child to use positive, reinforcing language while drafting heir goals.

    Tip: Instead of “I will stop eating junk food.” use positive terms, like “I will make healthy choices.”


    #4 Have your child put their goals in writing.

    Have you child write down their goals and have them place it in a place where they will see it daily. This will provide a constant reminder of the items they set to achieve this year. This will also help create ownership of their goals.

    Tip: Some good examples of where to post your child’s goals are beside the bathroom mirror, above their nightstand, or on the refrigerator.