• Tips to Get Your Child Really into Reading Books

  • Books are one of the best ways to stimulate your child’s learning and creativity, but it can be difficult to get them to start reading. While some kids are immediately sucked into the magical worlds that reading holds, others lack the interest to even pick up a book.

    Try using these tips to help your child get into reading:

    • Make Reading Time, Family Time – Try reading your own book in front of your child to show them the enjoyment you get out of it. Talk to them about it and let them know you want them to join you with their book.

    • Have Your Kids Pick What Book They Read – Even if it’s just a picture book, allow your child the independence to pick a book for themselves. One night, they might pick up a picture book, and the next, they might have a junior classic in their hands. Not only does this allow your child to take personal interest in the book, but it encourages them to explore different stories.

    • Pick Favorites! – Ask your kids to tell you about their favorite book or author. By having your child verbally express enjoyment in reading, your child will more readily grow into the reader you want them to be. Find out why a book or author is their favorite and help them find more books like those.

    • Explore the Library – The library is a magical place for children because it allows them to explore every facet of life and the variety of books that are out there, from young readers to cook books. Let your child roam the book shelves each week and let them pick out something that calls to their interests.

    • Get Your Kids Excited About Reading – One of the best ways to show your kids how great reading can be is by talking to them about it. Ask your child what is happening in their story and have them explain their favorite part. Children need to feel proud of their achievements, so show an interest in what your child is reading, even after every chapter.