• Positive Behavior Support

  • At Aspire Charter Academy, we believe that positive reinforcement is an effective tool in education. Any negative reinforcement only gives the wrong type of attention the child may be seeking and does not productively enrich that child for the better. This reality is why we practice positive behavior support at our school. We believe that children can and will respond in responsible ways when their efforts are met with recognition and reward. Read on for a few examples.

    Our curriculum is not a one size fits all, because we understand that each of our students has their own unique way of learning. We work with them on a one on one basis, tapping into their skills and how they learn.

    When the children arrive by bus, we greet them all by name and express our genuine excitement to see them and spend them the day with them. This is further positive reinforcement. We want to make them feel like they are welcomed and loved and feel missed the days they can’t make it to school. Even if one of the students was misbehaving the day before, we cheerfully greet them because we recognize that it’s a new day, and everyone gets a clean slate.

    Instead of giving attention to children who may be acting out, we give attention to children who exhibit kind and compassionate behavior. We don’t want to shame children who exhibit difficult behaviors. Instead, we say something like, “Jane is doing a great job with listening. Who else can listen like Jane?”

    Something our students love is social skills training. We teach how to interact with others and how to handle it when things aren’t going their way. We also have a wonderful points system that is built on noticing and celebrating good behavior. To learn more about our points system, read our blog from last month here.

    Our educational philosophy shines through our positive behavior support system. For more information on our mission and enrollment, call us at 407-297-9955!